What does the coursework entail?

Each week a speaker will present their research at the colloquium. Speakers are drawn from DePaul faculty, business leaders, and invited academics from other Universities. Students are expected to attend the lecture and participate in the discussion. DL Students will watch the lecture online. All students will submit a written reflection for each of the lectures answering questions such as “What lessons should researchers take away from this work?”, “What is the lasting impact of this work?” or “What (if any) questions does this work leave open?”

Is CSC 395 or CSC 500 an eligible elective for my degree?

In almost all cases, yes. You should double check with your adviser. She may need to substitute the elective for you.

How often is the colloquium offered?

The colloquium is offered every quarter.

What are the expectations for the online students?

The expectations are the same for online students as they are for in-class students, namely the submission of the weekly reflections.

How many credits is the colloquium worth?

Both CSC 395 and CSC 500 are worth 2 credits.

Am I required to take the colloquium twice?

It is not required to take it two times or to take it sequentially. Students often take it twice to accumulate four credits. Undergraduates in particular have other options to pick up two credits elsewhere so they may choose to take the colloquium only once.